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Best locations for Weddings in southern California

I was so honored when one of my best friends from high school asked me to help her find a place for her wedding in southern California. See, we are from the midwest, she still lives there, but I now live in SoCal.

I often forget how big California is, and how many different locations there are for weddings. So, I had to ask her, what requirements do you have?

She wanted to be by the beach, but not on the sand, to avoid ruining her dress. This seemed like it might be a challenge, since we have beaches all over. However, one of the top tourist destinations in socal is known for is gorgeous greenery along the coast, along with its seals and world famous golf course. OF COURSE, I recommended La Jolla for the location.

She, and her extremely large and fun wedding party, were able to get ready and celebrate at the Cuvier Club, say "I Do" along the cliffs of La Jolla at a city park, and stay the night at the Empress Hotel across the street.

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