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Best Poses For Family Beach Photos

First things first, make sure you're comfortable with your photographer! If you hire me, we will be fast friends and I'll make sure you look completely perfect in your photos! This means if you have hair out of place-- I'll fix it! If you need to suck it in or turn your body to a more flattering position-- I'll tell you! Make sure you're comfortable with your photographer and that they will do this for you!

My favorite poses are those that are the "in between" moments- the ones where you laugh when something goes wrong, where you're chasing after your kids are running away from the waves. I absolutely love photos of kids being kids- because you will never have these moments again, why not capture them!

As far as poses go- make sure you twirl around, dance with your kids, walk away from the camera holding hands and then turn and walk back toward the camera. Make sure you smile, suck it in, and really bend and cross your legs as you walk to create lines.

If your kiddos are young and might not be able to last long, bring their favorite stuffed animal for the photographer to hold over the camera. Have a playlist of their favorite songs on youtube ready to go. And, if all else fails, bribe them with candy :)

I love this gallery above! If you love the look, you can rent this gown from my client closet.

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