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Laguna Beach Family Photoshoot: The Best Poses

I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful area. I live right by the Pacific ocean. Laguna Beach is a top tourist destination, everyone loves the beach, so living here gives me an edge to finding hidden locations (cove, beaches, trails, etc.) that aren't overrun with tourists.

In the summers, there are tons of tourists, and getting a location that doesn't have a lot of people in the background is key to enjoying your family photoshoot.

I mean, look at these photos! How gorgeous?? We got so lucky being able to get angles that didn't include the people at the beach. This is why hiring an experienced photographer that lives in the area is so, so important.

Some prompts to help with getting the best, most natural poses are:

1. Look at each other and smile at your partner how you would if you were at a party you wanted to leave (this will almost always lead to laughs)

2. Have one partner start out of frame, and walk into frame to give the other a kiss

3. Have one partner whisper a joke into the other persons ear

4. Make sure to bring a portable speaker to play "Baby Shark" on loop for any little kids to get them to look, laugh and dance during the session.

If you want a laid back lifestyle family photo session in Laguna Beach, check out my services page to book.


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