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A Photographer's Favorite Wedding Dress Brand: How to get a Rue de Seine wedding dress for cheap

Ok, so I had no idea about this brand until I shot a sponsored lifestyle shoot using a Rue de Seine dress. On top of being totally gorgeous, with that modern bohemian effortless bride look, the material moves with brides! This allows for a photographer to capture the most beautiful photos, and get poses that might be restricted with other stiff dresses. Rue de Seine is like finding a dress with pockets- it's amazing!

Rue de Seine is a huge brand with huge demand, meaning their gowns go for top dollar. But, I've got some tips on how brides I've worked with were able to scoop one up for a great price.

FIRST: checkout listings on Poshmark. There are a lot of brides who are selling their gowns, and they've only worn them on their wedding day, meaning they are in perfect condition!

SECOND: Check out sample sales, or setup a consult with Lovely Bride to rent a dress for your big day. Renting a wedding dress is such a good way to save big bucks.

THIRD: Facebook is actually a great resource. There are thousands of groups for brides, and even more groups for wedding dresses. One of the largest resale groups is: Wedding Dress Resale.

If you want a handmade dress that has the similar vibe to Rue de Seine, and is more cost effective-- checkout these photographers-turned-seamstresses who both rent and sell their homemade dresses:



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